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Helping Thousands of Students Get Accepted in Top Universities
Angel from Ecuador
PhD in Law at UIBE
Majid from Iran 
Central China Normal University 
Zeyad from Egypt
MBBS at Zhejiang University
Kalicia from Jamaica
MBBS at Shantou University Medical College
"Very Satisfied. Global Admissions assisted me a lot to enrol into the PhD program of International Relations at Central China Normal University. You were so supportive that I could not imagine securing registration as quickly as you did. I hope you will do the same this coming academic year to my daughter and son who are planning also to study in China pursuing Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Economics and Finance respectively. Please keep us updated on the time of submitting applications for my son and daughter."
Ephraim Abel Kayembe, Member of Parliament, Malawi
Richard, Nadia, and team have excellent care for the customer and future student. They not only bring years of experience but they take the student’s goals to heart. Throughout my process of choosing an MBA program in China, they helped me identify key insights to ultimately narrow down to the best city, university, and program in China for my goals. During my visit in-country, they also helped recommend specific University-held events to attend on-campus, which granted a deeper understanding of each school I was considering. I have since been accepted to my dream school. Overall solid folks.

Clifford Champion, USA
MBA at Peking University
Meet Our Professional Counsellors
Nadia Wijaya 

University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)
Richard Coward
United Kingdom

Peking University
Beijing Language and Culture University
University of Exeter

Saskia Watson
South Africa / Zimbabwe

University of Shenzhen
Savannah Billman

Peking University,  Yenching Academy
New York University, Shanghai

Our Values
For 3-5 Applications
(More unis can be added by adding their application fees)
Recommended for Top Universities, MBBS, MBA)

  • All of VIP, plus
  • 2 Pre-University Projects - Choice of 2
    - Global Leader Training - Unleash the Authentic Leader Within, 
    - Create Your Own Artificial Intelligence Project,
    - Core Skills: How to Research and Write like a 1st Class Professor
  • 90+ hours of 1 on 1 Subject Specific Coaching & Tuition 
  • Career Training and Coaching from Industry Leaders
For 3-5 Applications
(More unis can be added by adding their application fees)
Recommended for Top Universities, MBBS, MBA)

  • All of Elite, plus
  • Personality Assessment and Best Fit Analysis
  • Multiple Expert Mentors Helping You Through the Process
  • 30+ hours of 1 on 1 Subject Specific Coaching and Tuition
For 3-5 Applications
(More unis can be added by adding their application fees)
Recommended for Top Universities, MBBS, MBA)

  • All of Guaranteed, plus
  • Includes Interview Preparation and Practice
  • Includes Personal Statement and Essay Questions Feedback 
  • Introductions to Mentor to Help You
 For 3 Applications
(More unis can be added by adding their application fees)

  • All of Priority Service, plus
  • 1 on 1 Personal Advisor who has studied in Your Target Country before
  • Your personalised recommendation on programs
  • Assistance and feedback of documents
  • Includes Rejection Insurance (apply to additional universities)
  • Fast Track Support by Email, Chat or Call
This is the University application fee* only, (*exact Amount depends on the University), free service fee
  • Includes university application fee to be paid to the university.
  • Free Review of Documents
  • Support by Email
  • Includes Accommodation Booking Service
We understand each student is different with different requirements and can create personalised services according to your needs. 
Please contact us for more information.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I apply to any program? 
Yes we can help you apply to any university and program. Just search here, or let us know which ones you would like to apply to!
What are the benefits?
Choosing and getting accepted to the best university for you is extremely important. It can have a huge impact on your future career and your life in the future. We specialise in helping students get accepted to universities and we have visited 100+ universities in China personally. We will give all the help we can so you can get accepted to the best program for you. 
Can you give advice about my application? 
Sure, please book a call with us and we can talk about your options. 
Is it really guaranteed?
Yes it is guaranteed. If you are not accepted, we will help you to apply to additional universities and programs. If you are still not accepted then you will receive a partial refund. As detailed in our refund policy on the agreement and 
How long does it take?
It varies according to the program. The first consultation will be taken within a few days / a week. The choices can take some time according to your needs. After you have chosen the course and prepared the application documents we will proceed asap. The time it takes for each university can be found here. 
Does it include scholarships?
While applying we can also help you apply for scholarships, and many students do receive partial scholarships, but we do not provide any guarantee about scholarships. If you are only interested in scholarships, I suggest you can read the free information about scholarships here, and also check out the scholarships listed here. You can also look at our scholarship consulting service here. Through this service you can buy some of our hours and we can work with you to give you advice, but you would need to submit the scholarship application yourself.
Do these services include MBBS programs?
Yes we have extensive experience giving students support to apply to medical programs. Arrange a call and we are looking forward to talking with you!
I have many questions related to MBA
Sure we are very experienced helping top students apply for MBA programs. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Whats the price?
The price is listed here and depends on the service you choose. After your free consultation we will share with you your options, and a draft application plan personalised for you, and an agreement which you can check before going ahead to the next step. 
I have another question not listed here, how can I ask?
Sure feel free to contact us by email at, or book a call and we can help you through the process.
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